1. Thermal Conductive Grease

There are a variety of specifications available with low thermal impedance, low overflow, none-drying, and easy operating. This thermal conductive grease can fill the pores between the heat sink and cooler to remove insulating air gaps. It can also improve heat dissipation performance and extend product life. We also provide epoxy compounds for electronic applications for your reference! Contact us to get more detail!

Product Application:
Cooling modules of CPU, MOS, LED, microprocessor, heat sink, graphic card, power relay, and so on.

Introduction of Thermal Conductive Interface Materials:

Exquisite, low-weight, thin, and multi-functionality are the critical tendencies found in the research and development (R&D) of modern electronic products. However, the heat-dissipating efficiency issue may exist in these high-tech products, thereby may cause undesired issues about increases in manufacturing cost and damages in the lifetime of products.
EPORITE series thermal conductive grease and thermal adhesive  can fill the random pores that exist between the heat sink and cooler . They can increase the area of heat conduction and decrease the thermal resistance to reach high efficiency of heat transfer. Using EPORITE thermal interface material is one of the best options to achieve the cost down and elongate the lifetime of products.

2. Thermal Adhesive

It is suitable for heat-sink, brass instrument, aluminum and other metals required good thermal conductivity and adhesion.

Product Application:
Cooling modules of IC, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, relay, notebook PC, PC, and so on.

Product Sheet
Application One/ Two Components Curing Condition Product Name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Thermal conductive grease One N/A TIM-0001、TIM-1101


White. TIM-0001TIM-1101 TIM-0001TIM-1101
One N/A TIM-2101


Grey. TIM-2101 TIM-2101
One N/A TIM-3101、TIM-3202


Grey and high thermal conductivity. TIM-3101、TIM-3202 TIM-3101、TIM-3202
Thermal adhesive One Heat curing 2070-1


High thermal conductivity. 2070-1 2070-1
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