Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating resin is suitable for insulation, anti-corrosive, and sealing which can be used for primer or topcoat.

Product Application:
Sporting goods (bike, tennis racket, motorcycle helmet, fishing rod, golf club, etc.), electronic products (passive components, audio shell, etc.), bumpers, the primer of metal & composite, heavy-duty coating, and so on.

Product Sheet
Application Type One/ Two Components Curing Condition Product Name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Epoxy Coating Insulation Two Heat curing 226-52 A/B(Black) Recommended for surface-sprayed on electronic products. 226-52A/B 226-52A/B
Anticorrosive paint Two Heat curing 3809A/B(Grey)、 3806A/B(Black)、 226-9A/B(White) Excellent anticorrosive property, suitable for primer. High solid contain, suitable as putty.  3809A/B
Fill Two Room temperature curing P-77A/B Solvent-based, transparent primer, mainly used in the carbon fiber forming products for filling the hole. P-77A/B P-77A/B
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