UV hard coating, UV curable resin these products have a high gloss, hardness, and excellent chemical resistance. UV coating materials can be painted on the product and then cured by ultraviolet photon irradiation to form a film. Our UV curable coating has excellent solubility and chemical resistance, at the same time, it has little environmental pollution, fast curing speed, energy-saving, and good cured product performance. To know more about our UV hard coating, just contact Ebolab UV curing resin suppliers! These products that based on the requirements of customers are designed and it can be used at most application.

Product Sheet
Application Product name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Insulating glue UAG-52001 Excellent adhesion for plastic Good flexibility UAG-52001 UAG-52001
Lens adhesive UAG-65001 Good adhesion for PMMA  UAG-65001 UAG-65001
LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive) UAG-22001 High transparency, non-yellowing, and good adhesion for glass UAG-22001 UAG-22001
Cold foil gel(PSA) UAG-73001 Pressure sensitive glue(PSA)  UAG-73001 UAG-73001
3D printing glue UAG-91101 Fast curing and high resolution UAG-91101 UAG-91101
Varnish for hard coating UHC-12001 Fast curing at low-power UV lamp UHC-12001 UHC-12001
Light guide ink UAG-63001(Vice Agent)  
UAG-64001(Main Agent)
Excellent high brightness and low color difference.  UAG-63001 
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