1. Epoxy Compounds for Civil Engineering Application

As epoxy adhesive manufacturers, our epoxy compounds with high-quality, which has good adhesion and mechanical strength for a variety of materials. These epoxy compounds used as a floor coating can complete a floor with no joints, no dust, no dirt, and easy to clean.

Product Application:

Sealant, reinforcement, and adhesive such as adhesion to woods, steel, stone, concrete, and metals, or floor coating, etc.

2.Epoxy Compounds for Adhesives & Sealants Application

Ebolab adhesives and sealants manufacturers provide an epoxy sealant with bonding and sealing functions. The sealant can deform with the shape of the sealing surface. It is good adhesion, toughness, and high-temperature resistance, and is not easy to flow, and has a certain degree of adhesion. 

Product Application:
Superior adhesion to metals, woods, laminated glass, ceramics, and so on.

3. Silicone

It is a silicone moisture curing type with good elasticity and strength, suitable for sealing and adhesion.

Product Application:

Superior adhesion to glass, ceramics, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, electroplating materials, plastic, and rubber. For example, electric equipment, sensor, power, LED, LCD, solar cell, coil transition, transformer, communication device, electronic component, and so on. If you have relevant requirements, please do not hesitate to contact EPOLAB epoxy adhesive manufacturers, you can also click the epoxy composite webpage to know more information!

Product Sheet
Application Type One/ Two Components Curing Condition Product Name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Epoxy compounds for civil engineering application Adhesive Two RT curing 2102A/B Fast curing at room temperature, recommended for adhesion to road light reflection mark. 2102A/B 2102A/B
Epoxy compounds for adhesives & sealants application One component adhesive One Heat curing 2062 Superior adhesion to inorganic surface (ex: metals, ceramic……) 2062 2062
One component adhesive One Heat curing 2337 Low viscosity, particularly suitable for metal, ceramics and other inorganic surface. It can be used with the equipment. 2337 2337
One component adhesive One Heat curing AD-2100 series Particularly suitable for electronic, plastic materials and other surfaces. AD-2100 series AD-2100 series
One component adhesive One Heat curing 2090 Particularly suitable for nylon materials, high performance at low and high temperature. Low flow behavoir during high temperature curing. 2090 2090
Two component adhesive Two RT curing 2500A/B Superior adhesion to metals, ceramics, plastics…… 2500A/B 2500A/B
Forming materials One Heat curing 2450 Recommended for grindstone forming. 2450 2450
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