These products that based on the requirements of customers are designed and it can be used at most application.

Product Sheet
Application Product name Features TDS Download
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Light guide ink UAG-63001 Excellent high brightness and low color difference. It can be used alone or with the other. UAG-63001 UAG-63001
  UAG-64001 UAG-64001 UAG-64001
Solderable ink UHC-37002A High whiteness, gloss, hardness(>3H) and very low yellowing.

Insulating glue UAG-52001 Excellent adhesion and flexibility UAG-52001 UAG-52001
Lens adhesive UAG-65001 Good adhesion and flexibility UAG-65001 UAG-65001
LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive) UAG-22001 High transparency, very low yellowing, and good adhesion for glass UAG-22001 UAG-22001
Cold foil UAG-73001 Universal pressure sensitive glue UAG-73001 UAG-73001
3D printing glue UAG-91101 <span style="color: rgb(37, 36, 35); font-family: " sf="" regular",="" "segoe="" system="" ui="" sans-serif;="" letter-spacing:="" -0.2px;="" white-space:="" pre-wrap;="" background-color:="" rgb(242,="" 246,="" 249);"="">Fast reaction and high resolution UAG-91101 UAG-91101
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