Epoxy Ink

Epoxy Ink is suitable for wafer coating with good shelter, chemical resistance, and adhesion.

Product Application:
Touch panel industry, PCB, chip resistor, inductance, IC, D-RAM cover coat, and so on.

Product Sheet
Application Type One/ Two Components Curing Condition Product Name Features TDS Download
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Epoxy Ink Insulation One Heat curing EI-300 series Recommended for chip insulating ink. EI-346-040 EI-346-040
Coverage One Heat curing EI-900 series Recommended for remarking ink. EI-988-1 EI-988-1
Marking One Heat curing EI-M series Recommended for marking ink. EI-M series EI-M series
Ink application special resin Cover One Heat curing SI series High temperature curing products are not yellowing with high gloss, L value of up to 90, hardness to 6H, and can wear 350 back. SI series SI series
Light guide ink   One UV curing UAG-63001(Vice Agent)  
UAG-64001(Main Agent)
Excellent high brightness and low color difference.  UAG-63001  UAG-64001 UAG-63001  UAG-64001
Solderable ink   One UV curing UHC-37002AB High whiteness, gloss, hardness(>3H) and very low yellowing. UHC-37002AB UHC-37002AB
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