Innovation Behind R & D in A Unique Style

EPOLAB, composed of "EPOXY" and "LABORATORY", means that the establishment of a professional laboratory for epoxy is the reason why EPOLAB was born. With more than thirty years since established, EPOLAB remains in the continuity of developing new technologies with LAB style, and there have been other fields of products produced after extending technical levels (such as silicone, UV glue, thermal interface material. In addition, we have introduced various kinds of specialized equipment (such as DSC, TGA, TMA, All-in-One tensile machine, thermal impedance measurement device, constant temperature, and humidity control chamber, etc.) serving as supports of R & D analysis, insisting more on the training of professional staffs to create series of epoxy composite products with superior performance and unique style.


Consolidation of Business in Sustainable Operation

Progress in technology and dynamic changes of market urges everything to be in 10 times faster than before, and business faces with the fierce level of competition and elimination. Way to take this challenge becomes crucial to the effectiveness of business. EPOLAB has been deeply aware of it and has kept being pragmatic in operation; we invest every labor and source of resources into the progress of performance in operation and basic research to strengthen the capability of corporate as a guarantee of sustainable operation.


Sincerity Behind Synergy for Creation of Value

In the interpersonal network in which EPOLAB is the point of contact, daily contacts composed of colleagues, cooperative manufacturers, and client basis naturally form a broad and close social network. EPOLAB, regardless of internal work or external transaction, has been encouraged and recognized well mutually with sincerity to create a higher level of value behind the product, work, and life.