It is suitable for several typical high voltage and heavy duty electic products with low stress or UV resistance. It can be used for potting, sealing, casting, coating and other applications.

Product Application:
Various electric machinery, cars and motorcycles motor, PT, CT, insulators, ignition coil, insulating pipes, and other precision machineries.

Product Sheet
Application One/ two components Curing condition Product name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Potting/ Casting Two RT curing 5151A/B Fast curing. 5151A/B 5151A/B
Two RT curing 5957A/B、5959、5952 Recommended for PT/ CT, insulating pipe. 5957A/B、5952A/B5962A/B 5957A/B、 5952A/B5962A/B
Two RT curing 5502A/B Good thermal shock resistant(-40 ~ 130℃). Recommended for ignition coil. 5502A/B 5502A/B
Two Heat curing 5207A/B Low viscosity, recommended for the transformer. 5207A/B 5207A/B
Adhesive One Heat curing 2272、 2275、2095 Recommended for the motor rotors. 2272、 22752095 2272 22752095
Two RT curing 2500A/B Fast curing. 2500A/B 2500A/B
Impregnation One Heat curing 5100 series Non-solvent high voltage varnish. 5100 series 5100 series
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