We provide epoxy composite, epoxy prepreg which with customizing viscosity, have good impregnation, high Tg, stiffness, and toughness, impact resistance. Our epoxy composite passed RoHS certificated Including solvent-based, solvent-free, and hot-melt series products. Moreover, we also provide a variety of products such as epoxy for electronics, epoxy composite. No hesitate, contact Epolab epoxy prepreg manufacturers now.

Product Application:
Composite glass-fiber sporting goods, bike frames, forks, golf shafts, hockey sticks, ski sticks, fishing rods, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, shoes, helmets, bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet, yachts, boats, sailboats, 3C mobile phone, tablet shell, speakers, medical and surgical equipment, motorcycle products, industrial machinery, reinforced buildings, aerospace industry, windmill blades, aerospace industry and so on.

Product Sheet
Application One/Two Components Curing Condition Product Name Features TDS Download
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(Hot melt)
One Heat curing EHM-30403、EHM-30413 Hot melt, general die-casting, high impact resistance,recommended for carbon fiber frame, fork, handle bar and cell phone shell. EHM-30403、EHM-30413 EHM-30403、EHM-30413
Two Heat curing EHM-30611A/B Solvent-free, low weight loss ratio, rapid reaction molding, mainly used in carbon fiber handle, fork, plate. EHM-30611A/B EHM-30611A/B
One Heat curing EHM-236、EHM-241 Hot melt high Tg die-casting, recommended for carbon fiber wheels. EHM-236 、EHM-241 EHM-236  、EHM-241
One Heat curing EHM-90401 Solvent-free, high TG molded type, mainly used in bicycle carbon fiber wheels, locomotive exhaust pipe and other temperature demand products. EHM-90401 EHM-90401
One Heat curing EHM-FR series Fire certification, especially for 3C shell products. EHM-FR006 EHM-FR-031 EHM-FR006 EHM-FR-031
One Heat curing EHM-30801 Fast curing EHM-30801 EHM-30801
One Heat curing EHM-10405 white spot free appearance EHM-10405 EHM-10405
One Heat curing EHM-S115  Ultra-high TG, robot fork EHM-S115  EHM-S115 
Two Heat curing ESP-135 A/B Solvent-base system, low viscosity, recommended for sporting goods (ex: tennis racquets, badminton racquets, skates…...) ESP-135 A/B ESP-135 A/B
One Heat curing ESFP-20 Solvent-free liquid epoxy system, recommended for filament winding pipes(FRP), fishing rods and golf shafts. ESFP-20 ESFP-20
Panel Two RT curing 5419A/B Low viscosity, high clarity, recommended for carbon fiber panel, fiberglass panel and decoration coating. 5419A/B 5419A/B
Two RT curing FRP-300AB Room temperature curing ,
High TG
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