It is suitable for several typical electronic products as potting, adhesive, sealing, coating and other functions. We provide customized products according to customers' applications.

Product Application:
Decoration coating, IC, LED, circuit boards, capacitor, resistor, inductor, circuit board, power converter, capacitor, relays, commutator, and other electronic parts.

Product Sheet
Application One/ two components Curing condition Product name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Potting Two RT curing 5419A/B Clear. 5419A/B 5419A/B
Two RT curing 5250A/B Black. 5250A/B* 5250A/B*
Two RT curing 5433A/B Low coefficient of thermal expansion. 5433A/B 5433A/B
Two Heat curing 5086A/B Black color and high Tg. 5086A/B* 5086A/B*
Adhesive One Heat curing 2089、2095、2066 The minimum shrinkage. 2089, 2095, 2066* 2089, 2095, 2066*
One Heat curing 2070-1、2073、2074 High thermal conductivity,recommended for adhesion on various electronic parts. 2070-1, 2073 2070-1, 2073
Two RT curing 2500A/B Fast curing. 2500A/B* 2500A/B*
Impregnation Two Heat curing 5669A/B Low viscosity. 5669A/B* 5669A/B*
Flame-resistant     5350A/B( XX)、5351A/B( XX)、2080(XX) UL Recognized Component (UL94 V-0.5VA)  
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