Epoxy for electronics is suitable for several typical electronic products such as electronic potting, epoxy potting. This epoxy for electronics can be used as adhesives, sealing, coating, and structural materials. It has good adhesion, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance. We provide customized electronic potting and epoxy potting products according to the applications of our customers, we also provide electrical epoxy products for your reference. If you have any questions about our product just feel free to contact Epolab epoxy potting manufacturers!

Product Application:
Decoration coating, IC, LED, circuit boards, capacitor, resistor, inductor, circuit board, power converter, capacitor, relays, commutator, and other electronic parts.

Product Sheet
Application One/ Two Components Curing Condition Product Name Features TDS Download
Chinese English
Potting Two RT curing 5419A/B Clear. 5419A/B 5419A/B
Two RT curing 5250A/B Black. 5250A/B 5250A/B
Two RT curing 5433A/B Low coefficient of thermal expansion. 5433A/B 5433A/B
Two Heat curing 5086A/B Black color and high Tg. 5086A/B 5086A/B
Adhesive One Heat curing 2089、2095、2062 The minimum shrinkage. 208920952062 208920952062
One Heat curing 2070-1 High thermal conductivity. 2070-1 2070-1
Two RT curing 2500A/B Fast curing. 2500A/B 2500A/B
Impregnation Two Heat curing 5669A/B Low viscosity. 5669A/B 5669A/B
Two RT curing 5350A/B (XX) UL sertificated (UL94 V-0 , CTI 90)。
Two RT curing 5351A/B (XX) UL sertificated (UL94 V-0 , 5VA , CTI 90 , electrical properties)。
Two Heat curing 5370A/B (XX) UL sertificated (UL94 V-0 ,CTI 130)。
One Heat curing 2080 (XX) UL sertificated (UL94 V-0 ,CTI 90)。
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