About Us

Established in1975, EPOLAB has been dedicated in the development of versified series of professional epoxy resin for so many years. With competition in the technology industry and dynamic market changes, EPOLAB gradually developed adhesive, sealant, LED potting compound, solder mask ink, high-voltage coil potting, putty, composite prepreg material, thermal conductivity materials, gel nails, uv curing products and so on.
With constant innovation and alternation, as well as research and study, EPOLAB has accumulated more than fourty years of intellectual property and strength in competition for sufficient capability in research and development (R&D) competing with world-class manufacturers. EPOLAB has about one hundred employees in plants sited in Taiwan and China. For win-win situation, we will produce high quality customized products with the most sincere and attentive services of production for our customers.