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One component 
AD-2100 series Particularly suitable for electronic, plastic materials and other surfaces. AD-2100 series AD-2100 series
Hard coatig for car painting  UHC-95001 Excellent weather resistance UHC-95001 UHC-95001
automotive coating WRA-91001 Water repellency and acid rain resistance. WRA-91001 WRA-91001
Hard coatig for water transfer film UWT-75001 Tacky free and flexibility UWT-75001 UWT-75001
dampening gel  for the VCM UAG-94001 vibration absorption and energy saving characteristics. UAG-94001 UAG-94001
5G applications 2090 Particularly suitable for nylon materials, high performance at low and high temperature. Low flow behavoir during high temperature curing. 2090 2090
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